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Date:2013/7/11   From:Jtd Ltd


  • Silicone is a non-stick material. The bane of all chefs' lives is the clean-up stage, scrubbing pots and pans, disposing of waste and sanitising work surfaces. Thankfully the cleanup-friendly properties of silicone ease this task. Perhaps the most obvious is the fact that silicone is non-stick. This means food will not get left baked on and crumbs easily brush off. Secondly, thanks to the flexible construction, any food caught in crevices can be removed by inverting the silicone. For those of us lucky (or lazy) enough to own dishwashers, silicone is perfectly safe and as an additional benefit, will not damage other cookware by clattering around thanks to its soft texture.

  • Silicone can withstand varying temperatures. Perfect for storing food in the freezer and equally perfect for cooking in the oven, Silicone outshines other materials by absorbing the shock of varying temperatures without any physical damage. Where other materials may warp or deform when subjected to excessive temperature change, silicone does not. As the non-stick element is not simply a coating, it is impossible to flake of as with some cheaper metal cookware and bakeware items. This negates the need for using multiple products to prepare, store and  - saving you money, cleanup time and storage space.

  • Silicone cookware conducts heat very slowly meaning kitchen tops and surfaces are safe from burn marks...as is the user! Silicone is perfect for manufacturing oven gloves and grips for this reason. Utensils will always be cool to the touch no matter how long they have been sitting in that saucepan!

  • Silicone does not degrade over time. It is impervious to rusting or staining from food colourants unlike wood making it perfect for . It shares the same sanitary benefits cooking utensils as stainless steel but with reduced heat conduction.

  • Easy Storage - Thanks to its flexibility it can be folded or squeezed into tight or restricted spaces, it will scratch or damage other products within the same storage space due to its soft surfaces. Perhaps most importantly to the consumer is the versatility of these products, as highlighted in this section, mean that fewer products are needed in the first place cluttering up your kitchen whilst you are keeping your hands out of your pockets.

  • Silicone utensils are perfect for use on non-stick surfaces as their soft features will not scratch and remove the coated surfaces that lead to the demise of the pan.

  • Silicone kitchenware is now used in professional and home kitchens the world over. Their ever-increasing popularity influences manufacturers in the kitchen industry to develop more and more silicone based kitchenware with clever designs in a broad spectrum of colours. This means finding the right colour scheme or adding to your existing collection couldn't be easier.

  • Other advantages include long life, lightweight and even recyclable! Yup, food grade silicone is recyclable at many outlets across the UK and indeed the world.
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